Sell Probate Property

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Selling your inherited property can be heavy on the pockets and would be a possible damage to your finance if you are not familiar with probate process. The process of granting the decease person’s property and transfer the rights to you as recognized beneficiary can be quite a challenge. In order to obtain property rights and ownership, one has to go through process under the probate court.

The complexity of the process can be intimidating. That is why the best probate property seller in Jacksonville is here to assist you. Trust our company and go about the process with a professional. Give us a ring and we can help you either way!

Of course, we want our clients to be knowledgeable of what process we are undergoing and here is how to go on:



Get your house appraised by a certified property appraiser. This can be a real estate agent or real estate attorney.

Get the permission

A petition from the court will be needed that allows you to sell a house in probate. To receive a grant of probate, it usually take two weeks and once the property’s grant for probate is approved, the property can be sold or transferred to the beneficiary.

Place on sale

Despite the longevity of probate grant, you can put your probate property on sale and put it up on market.

Petition a court hearing

If you have now come across a buyer, you will be required a petition to the court for a hearing on sale.


The court will then suggest to put up an ad of the property made tto public to attract other interested buyers which may make a better offer on the property.


After the ads are placed, bidding shall commence with the participation of interested buyers and the original buyer. The highest bidder will be the next lucky owner.

Closing of contract

To ensure that the full amount will be paid and transferred to estate fund, close the contract as soon as possible.

House in Probate

A house in probate is a property inherited unexpectedly. Someone from a family may unexpectedly die without leaving a will or beneficiary to properties. As direct family, you might inherit a property you have little knowledge about. Probate is the legal process allowed and with permission from the court to deal with the estate of a deceased person. Family members, friends or partners often take on this responsibility. To be equipped with the full rights on estate and assets, one needs and shall have “grant of probate”. Once approved, the executor will handle the probate process that usually takes two weeks to process. This process includes collecting of assets and liabilities of the deceased and distributing estate and properties according to the deceased will.

Buying a House in Probate

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